WHAT IS IT?: A combination of strength, agility, movement and music. The dancer jumps over and around two crossed swords to the rhythm of the music.

HISTORY: Tradition has it that in the 9th Century a Scottish Prince after victory in battle took his sword and crossed it over the sword of his defeated opponent and dance triumphantly over them. This dance became tradition among the highland warriors, and in subsequent battles clansmen would cross their swords and dance around them in the same way.

FUN FACT: One study showed that 30 minutes of Scottish dancing is equal to playing a full game of soccer.

irish step dance

WHAT IS IT?: Irish Step Dance combines artistry, grace, and physical ability. Irish soft shoe focuses on footwork and staying high up on your toes with lots of movement across the stage

HISTORY: The Irish Dance Masters of the 18th Century began teaching Irish dance to children traveling from village to village to keep this dancing tradition alive that had been suppressed for centuries by the English. The Dance Masters also began the first dance schools in Ireland, the best know being from the counties of Kerry, Cork, and Limerick

FUN FACT: "The Book of Kells" is an ancient manuscript which is the source for many Celtic designs used in Irish dance costumes today.


WHAT IS IT?: Dancers use their feet as an instrument to make rhythmic and percussive sounds to accompany the music. A unique aspect of clogging is its sound. Where tap shoes have a single tap, clogging shoes have 2 taps or double taps that are riveted together on the toe and heel giving the dance a louder and unique "jingle" sound.

HISTORY: Clogging roots come from the combined folk dances of the Irish, English, Scottish, and Dutch Germans who settled in the Appalachian Mountains in the mid 1700s. Clogging is the folk dance of the United States.

FUN FACT: Clogging was featured in the 2002 Winter Olympic Opening Ceremonies in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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